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In three simple steps you can take a real life object and have it ready to print thanks to Artec 3D scanners. It's as simple as 1) scan the object, 2) fuse and optimize, then 3) texturize and export. 

From reverse engineering to quality control to rapid prototyping needs, the Artec Eva, Artec Eva Lite, Artec Space Spider and Artec Leo have enhanced capabilities including:

  • Fast capturing speedArtec 3D Scanning
  • High 3D resolution
  • Most accurate 3D images
  • Portability 
  • Lightweight, mobile and compatible 
  • Just point and shoot, no targets and calibration
  • And MORE! 

Witnessing Artec 3D scanners in action is the best way to understand their full power and ease-of-use. See for yourself why thousands of engineering companies are purchasing the Artec 3D scanner for reverse engineering, quality control and rapid prototyping needs.

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Request An Artec 3D Scanner Demo