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Beginner's Guide to SOLIDWORKS and 3D Printer Training

3D printing and SOLIDWORKS training infographic

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

-Benjamin Franklin

We've all thought it at some point — are SOLIDWORKS training and 3D printer training really worth the investment? To find out for ourselves, we did some research.

Download our infographic for industry statistics on employee training and to see what SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys users are saying about TriMech's courses. We uncover:

  • Why training in the workplace should matter to you
  • The top five most popular SOLIDWORKS classes in 2017
  • The best SOLIDWORKS classes for every skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced and administrator)
  • A hardware training guide with each 3D printing technology

Is training right for you and your company? Check out the evidence for yourself.

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