TriMech 20 for 20

Daily Buzz: Sketch Your Best

October 24, 2019
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM ET

TriMech 20 for 20 - Daily Buzz Sketch Your Best

If the foundation of your house, office or even sandcastle isn't strong, the whole structure is going to crumble and fall. The same thing will happen to your models. Sketches are at the foundation of your designs so they often become time-consuming as we want to make sure they hold up.

Join us on Thursday, October 24th at 12 PM ET for our webinar as TriMech Application Engineer, Dave Ramsey, shares some of his favorite tips to speed up the sketching design process. He will show how to use dimension for symmetry, transition seamlessly from lines to arcs, add relations with the need to select multiple entities and more! Plus, he will take you on an expedition through the user interface and teach you how to customize and utilize the sketch shortcut menu.

In this webinar, Dave will show you how to:

  • Use dimension sketches for symmetry
  • Automatically transition from lines to arcs
  • Control one-click dimension to add sketch relations and sketch fillets
  • Use and customize the Sketch Shortcut menu
  • Use Operation Replace Entity to salvage downstream reverences  

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This webinar is part of the TriMech 20 for 20 series. As a result, recordings of these live webinars will not be available on-demand immediately afterward.

About The Presenter

Dave Ramsey


Dave Ramsey 
Application Engineer

Dave has 10 years of expertise in high volume manufacturing. He has been using SOLIDWORKS since 2003 and has been a TriMech Application Engineer for six years. His expertise includes research and design, product design, stamping, tooling, documentation and engineering process improvement.


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