March 2018 SOLIDWORKS Promotion

Buy a seat of SOLIDWORKS Premium or Professional at list and get the 2nd seat up to 50% off

EXTENDED through March 31st, 2018

Spring Cleaning on SOLIDWORKS Savings!

Buy one seat of SOLIDWORKS, get one 50% offOut with your old 3D CAD system, in with the new! Ready to take the plunge into SOLIDWORKS? Well, you couldn't have picked a better time! All through the month of March if you buy one seat of SOLIDWORKS Premium or Professional, you get the second one up to 50% off! 

>> 3 Reasons to Switch to SOLIDWORKS 

With SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software, you can have powerful product design, the ability to speed up your design process and a more productive workflow! 

SOLIDWORKS also gives you: 

  • Access to a network where you can share and collaborate with the largest and most passionate 3D CAD users
  • A faster time to market with the integrated design-to-manufacturing system
  • Flexibility to move from concept to production before the competition 

ACT NOW and save big on the SOLIDWORKS solutions that are right for your business.
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*List subscriptions required on both. Equates to a 25/0 offer. If procuring a SOLIDWORKS Premium and Professional seat, the SOLIDWORKS Premium is the list price (21/0 across both). Prorated subscriptions only on SNLs with 3+ months remaining. Restrictions may apply. 


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