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Omnify: The PLM Solution For a Variety of Needs

By: Omnify

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Omnify software provides an all-encompassing data management system that streamlines access to all product information to any team in your company that may need it, including engineering, operations, manufacturing quality control and partners/suppliers! 

Three companies discovered firsthand how Omnify was able to improve their organization and discover the many benefits that accompany the software.

6 River Systems (6RS)

A warehouse robotics startup, 6 River Systems (6RS), was disrupting a one-hundred-billion-dollar industry but was still stuck using spreadsheets and shared file folders. This made it difficult for them to share product information across both internal and external teams and they knew they needed something to help them manage everything. Focused on finding something that was easy for people to learn and hit the ground running as well as a secure and fast hosted environment, 6RS turned to Omnify. 

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Coghlin Companies

Coghlin Companies provides Concept to Commercialization services to capital equipment manufacturers, device manufacturers and select entrepreneurs. With information coming in from various customers from various sources at various times, their paper-based process flows were cumbersome and not efficiently scalable. This led Coghlin Companies to fall short of customer expectations. And on top of that, their methods weren't integrated and often caused data duplication resulting in delays and were prone to human error. But now, thanks to Omnify, their process has been revamped and has experienced benefits they weren't expecting.

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Cytonome develops, manufactures and markets the most advanced and highest quality cell purification system available for BioMedicine, BioIndustry and BioScience. Their engineering department focuses on developing new, innovative products by working quickly on concepts while manufacturing simultaneously works on the same project during the prototypes phase. Efficient communication among engineering, manufacturing and purchasing is critical and Cytonome went in search of the right solution. With the help of Omnify, they were able to eliminate errors that steamed from their old manual process, become faster and more efficient in product development and so much more.

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