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Practical Part Design Using SOLIDWORKS Plastics

June 6, 2019
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM ET

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Ever feel like plastic part design is a dark art, only successfully practiced by a select few? Or have you ever submitted a part to an injection molding manufacturer, only to have requests for multiple design changes? Maybe you are currently using SOLIDWORKS Plastics to improve your injection molding success, but need some tips or tricks to get more out of the software?

Join us on Thursday, June 6th at 10 AM ET for our webinar as our TriMech Application Engineer, Andy Jaskey, teaches you practical, successful ways that SOLIDWORKS Plastics can help you design better plastic parts in less time. He will show you how to design for injection molding guidelines, show CAD tricks on how to create the plastic part geometry faster and also cover how to better incorporate SOLIDWORKS Plastics into your design process. 

In this webinar, Andy will show you how:

  • Plastics fit into a designer's workflow
  • To simulate rib thickness and why it's so important
  • To use SOLIDWORKS Plastics to determine wall thickness in record time
  • To model and simulate an over-mold
  • To simulate and adjust end of fill

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About The Presenter

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Andy Jaskey
Application Engineer

Andy is an Application Engineer with TriMech. Prior to joining the company, he worked in the injection molding industry, helping customers design and redesign plastic parts. In his current role, Andy is passionate about helping engineers, designers and developers get the most out of their SOLIDWORKS experience. In addition to all things SOLIDWORKS, Andy also enjoys kayaking (sometimes in the kayak he designed and 3D printed). 


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