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Have the software, but not sure how to implement it?

Congratulations! You've taken the plunge and invested in a new product data management software. What's next? Getting it up and running so you can ensure your CAD data and other files are in one share location and kept safe. You can always DIY it, but that could leave you with weeks of delays and stalls. There is a better solution out there and easily available to you! 

TriMech Rapid Deployment System

What We Do

TriMech's expert Implementation Consultants provide you with a customized installation helping you avoid the time, hassle and frustration that sometimes can follow an in-house attempt. We will properly configure your software tools, plus we'll provide personalized recommendations so you can further optimize your product design process. 

All of our implementation services are customized to your needs. Our PDM Implementation Services all include installation, configuration and training using both SOLIDWORKS and TriMech's best practices for the data management vault. We currently have three main Rapid Deployment System (RDS) options available. 



The first deployment option is the only one available for SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, but can be used for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional as well. If you are solely interested in securing your revision control, this remote deployment is the choice for you! Get the full details on RDS 1: Standard or get the full details on RDS 1: Professional. 
Available for: SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional



The next deployment option brings our master Implementation Consultants right to you door. They will help you set up a pre-configured vault to help manage your data in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. The vault will include multiple workflows, approval processes and library management. Get the full details here. 
Available for: SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional


RDS 3 

The third deployment option for product data management offers you the most customization on SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. Our TriMech experts will come on-site and set up a vault to manage your data, but it'll be defined and configured to your specific processes, standards and needs! Get the full details here.
Available for: SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional


RDS Secure 

The final deployment option is the perfect choice for anyone wanting to manage their data in a per-configured vault. With this on-site deployment, our TriMech experts will show you how to set up multiple workflows, approval processes and library management. Get the full details here.
Available for: SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

How It Works

It's easy! Just fill out our form on this page to request more information about TriMech RDS and a representative will be in contact with you shortly! 


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