SOLIDWORKS 2019 Launch

SOLIDWORKS 2019 On-Demand Videos from TriMech

SOLIDWORKS 2019 is coming!

SOLIDWORKS 2019 is right around the corner! We want to help you ramp up for this update with all the information you need. 

Read our full recap of the SOLIDWORKS Live Event held on September 12th!

Starting October 1, 2018, our SOLIDWORKS 2019 on-demand video series will be available for streaming to give you a deep dive everything new in this latest version.  This will include demonstrations, updated features and enhancements for SOLIDWORKS 2019. Our team of Application Engineers have produced over 30 videos worth of content you can't find anywhere else. 


Why are we doing it this way? We want to give you everything you need in the most convenient package. Rather than having one long presentation taking over your entire work day, we broke it up into smaller videos. As an alternative to a live, streaming event, you can watch when and where you want, plus you can pause and rewind at anytime!

What's next? Fill out the short form on this page to get access to all of our launch content. We'll immediately send you an email with a link to all the videos that you can watch at your convenience.

What else? We want to engage with our clients face-to-face to give more details on 2019 (or other topics). Reach out to your local TriMech Application Engineer or Account Manager to schedule a time for a visit, see what's new in SOLIDWORKS or just ask questions.

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