Introductory Series with TriMech


SOLIDWORKS xDesign is a new way of looking at CAD design. It is a cloud-based CAD application that can be run on Windows, Mac or Linux systems, and is location PRODUCTS-X-DESIGN-flexibility-design-cloud-wireframe-001-1independent since it can be run from a mobile computer or tablet.  It is fully integrated into the 3DEXPERIENCE platform which means this application can to do some pretty interesting things that you can’t do with traditional SOLIDWORKS alone.

We've put together a series of introductory videos to walk you through some of the key features of this product and how the platform works. Think of these like mini on-demand webinars which can be watched at your own pace and availability.

Here are the topics we will be looking at:

SOLIDWORKS xDesign's core strengths can be summarized broadly as online platform accessibility, design guidance and community collaboration. You can learn more about how this applies more specifically to an existing SOLIDWORKS user by reading our blog article here.

Creating a 3DEXPERIENCE Dashboard in xDesign

In this video we cover the basics of creating a dashboard. A dashboard is the launch point for all 3DEXPERIENCE applications, including xDesign. It's fully customizable so you can create a version that fully meets your specific project needs. 



Sketching and Extrudes in xDesign

In this video we dive right in to sketching and creating extruded features using the xDesign interface. We also cover some of the preferences and settings available when creating a new design. You can follow along in your version or trial of xDesign as we create a new part. 



Sweeps, Patterns and Mirrors in SOLIDWORKS xDesign

We continue walking through our sample part creation by applying sweeps, patterns and mirrors. If you are following along in xDesign, you can download the file built in the previous video here.



Sketches, Parts, Assemblies and Collaboration in xDesign

This this video we will be covering the basics of creating an assembly in xDesign. We will look at inserting components, adding mates, mirroring and copying components. If you are following along in xDesign, you can download the needed files here.



Design Guidance in xDesign

Design Guidance allows the xDesign software to guide you to the optimal shape based on criteria you assign. This feature can be used to redesign existing parts or provide feedback on where material may need to be added. 



Are you ready to start creating more designs from just about anywhere with better team connectivity? Click on the button below to learn more about SOLIDWORKS xDesign software, or reach out to TriMech with any questions. 

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