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Taza Teams up With Tulip

By: Tulip

Download our case study, Taza Teams up With TulipTaza is a Somerville, Massachusetts based company that processes nearly 800,000 pounds of chocolate annually, bean-to-bar. As their business grew, they knew they needed to make some changes to keep up, one of them included pairing up with a major wholesale retailer. This helped them increase the amount of chocolate made by 30% and decreasing the cost of goods sold. But they were struggling as most of their manufacturing equipment was analog, which was expensive and couldn't be connected to the Internet. 

With this equipment, they struggled to track key production information, had to have an engineer hard-code every machine update individually and was full of custom-coding. They started their search for a solution for these issues. 

Tulip was the answer to their problems. With the software, they are able to track performance in real time, optimize production processes, create accurate benchmarks and much more! 

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Product Highlights:

  • Tulip, manufacturing app

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