TriMech 20 for 20

Throwback Thursday: Innovations in Part Design

October 24, 2019
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM ET

TriMech 20 for 20 - Throwback Thursday Innovations in part design

To see how SOLIDWORKS has helped increase productivity over the years, we don't need Doc and the DeLorean to take us into the past, we have this webinar!

Join us on Thursday, October 24th at 10 AM ET for our webinar as TriMech Application Engineer, Dave Ramsey, brings us on a trip through the enhancements SOLIDWORKS has incorporated over the years. He will go through some possibly long-forgotten tools that could make your life easier, where to find these tools that may have been moved around, how previous designers built parts that you may have been stuck on and much more!

In this webinar, Dave will give you a blast from the past with each years' new additions:

  • 2007: FilletXpert
  • 2009: Convert to Sheet Metal, shortcut bar
  • 2012: Feature Freeze, Part Reviewer, Command Search
  • 2014: Autoscaling for sketch with first dimension 
  • 2015: Zonal Section View 

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This webinar is part of the TriMech 20 for 20 series. As a result, recordings of these live webinars will not be available on-demand immediately afterward.

About The Presenter

Dave Ramsey


Dave Ramsey 
Application Engineer

Dave has 10 years of expertise in high volume manufacturing. He has been using SOLIDWORKS since 2003 and has been a TriMech Application Engineer for six years. His expertise includes research and design, product design, stamping, tooling, documentation and engineering process improvement.


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