TriMech Data Doctor

Migrate your data into SOLIDWORKS PDM

The TriMech Data Doctor

The TriMech Data Doctor is a unique tool that allows us to scan and asses the health of your data. With this tool, we can work with you to safely migrate your data into SOLIDWORKS PDM.

TriMech Data DoctorThe Data Doctor scans for the following:

  • Duplicates
    • File name
    • File content, same name
    • File content, different name
    • File name, different content
  • SOLIDWORKS Properties
    • Quantity of file
    • Properties custom & configuration
    • References both valid and invalid
    • Drawing sheets

How Is Data Collected?

Your intellectual property is not collected. We use the industry standard, in memory, MD5 hash algorithm to generate a unique digital footprint of your file content to evaluate duplication of the data. We do this for all file types.

For more information on the MD5 algorithm, click here. Also note that any data that is collected is encrypted to protect it against misuse using a 128 bit AES encryption in accordance with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS).

View Sample Data Doctor Reports

Windows Explorer Sample 1
Windows Explorer Sample 2
WorkGroup Sample 1
WorkGroup Sample 2
WorkGroup Sample 3


Click the links below to download the install software and see a quick tutorial on how to run the tool to capture the data we need. If you have data in both Windows Explorer and WorkGroup PDM, please select the WorkGroup PDM icon.

Windows Explorer       WorkGroup PDM