TriMech 20 for 20

What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2020: Composer

October 28, 2019
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM ET

TriMech 20 for 20 - Whats New SOLIDWORKS 2020 Composer

With so many options including SOLIDWORKS PDM, Simulation, CAM, Composer, Visualize, Plastics and more, it can be hard to keep everything straight and know when to use the right software. But we're here to help with that.

Join us on Monday, October 28th at 10 AM ET for our webinar as TriMech Application Engineer, Stephen Choi, guides you through key functions within SOLIDWORKS Composer, to help you understand what the tool is made for and capable of accomplishing. 

In this webinar, Stephen will cover:

  • The Styles tab
  • The Digger tool
  • Geometry in your document
  • BOM tool

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This webinar is part of the TriMech 20 for 20 series. As a result, recordings of these live webinars will not be available on-demand immediately afterward.

About The Presenter

Stephen Choi


Stephen Choi
Application Engineer

Stephen is an Application Engineer based out of Orlando, Florida who focuses on supporting and teaching SOLIDWORKS CAD, 3D printers and scanners. He obtained his CSWE certification within a year of working with TriMech and continues to learn and expose himself to as much as possible to better assist his fellow engineers. 


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