TriMech 20 for 20

What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2020: User Interface & Fundamental Tools

October 04, 2019
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM ET

TriMech 20 for 20 - Whats New SOLIDWORKS 2020 User Interface

It's a SOLIDWORKS user's favorite time of year! The time of year when we get to learn about all the improvements and features we’ll be seeing with our yearly update. There are always enhancements for everyone, improving productivity and making day to day tasks easier!

Join us on Friday, October 4th at 10 AM ET for our webinar as TriMech Elite Application Engineer, Chris Duchaine, touches on two improvements for the software: fundamental tools and user interface. He will dig into the enhancements for fundamental tools including the markup tool where he’ll explain how it can be used across all SOLIDWORKS files and boost communication. For user interface upgrades, he will discuss how it is being simplified from additions to the search bar to updating confusing drop-down options.

In this webinar, Chris will cover:

  • The addition of the Material dialog box
  • The markup tool working with new files 
  • The new file sorting system when saving and opening files
  • The simplified file open dialog
  • The better-organized toolbars and command manager options 

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This webinar is part of the TriMech 20 for 20 series. As a result, recordings of these live webinars will not be available on-demand immediately afterward.

About The Presenter



Chris Duchaine
Elite Application Engineer

Chris has 10 years of engineering experience using CAD to design mechanical and electromechanical systems in the industrial equipment industry. He has worked for over eight years for SOLIDWORKS value-added resellers and at TriMech.


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