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Environmental Compliance with Omnify

Making Environmental Compliance Part of Your Product Development Process

By: TriMech

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Did you know that turning blind eye to the ever-rising regulations to reduce hazardous substances and your customer’s environmental requirements can cause your company bad PR, blocked shipments, expensive redesigns, scrapped products, delays that cause you to miss consumer trends and more? Keeping up with, tracking and controlling the growing list of high-risk substances that can’t be used while testing and certifications for product materials requires a lot of data and reports that spreadsheets, homegrown databases and manual processes can’t keep up with. However, there is a way to avoid all these extra costs, negativity and remain organized and it’s three simple letters: PLM.

PLM stands for product lifecycle management, and with the software in place you are able to address compliance in the early stages of the design process, while managing, tracking an reporting all product content and associated compliance information.

Download our white paper to discover how PLM can help you stay organized, save money and stay compliant with environmental requirements. 

Topic Overview

  • Minimizing supply chain disruptions from evolving regulations
  • Addressing product and supply chain risks early with PLM
  • How a leading manufacturer is using PLM

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